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George Jones Paulding County DOT Director Visits the Rotary Club

1720 ROT 2 6 2018 1 800Paulding County Rotary Club president John Grant welcomed all visitors to the Rotary club meeting and asked Ford Thigpen to introduce the guest speakers. Ford introduced George Jones, the new Paulding County Department of Transportation Director and Scott Greene who is now the Director of Operations for the county. Director Greene took the podium and thanked the members for the opportunity to introduce the new transportation director to the members of the club. Mr. Jones has served as the assistant director for Scott Greene was familiar with all plans for the county.

Mr. Jones said the goal to interface, more efficiently, with the public through the use of technology such as apps is still a major priority. Mr. Jones spoke about several of the key projects currently underway. Updating our County infrastructure and scheduling maintenance in needed areas before emergency situations occur is the DOT's primary focus moving forward. Mr. Jones thanked the members of the Rotary club for the opportunity to speak and took questions concerning local projects.