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Chattahoochee Technical College Visits Paulding Rotary

Missy Cusack CTC Paulding Executive Director of Admissions and a member of the Paulding County Rotary Club thanked the Rotary club for their continued support of the scholarship program. She introduced her guests Stephanie Hubbell of the Chattahoochee Tech foundation and Charisa Mackey, of Dallas, who is pursuing an Associate of Science in Nursing. Ms. Mackey is also the recipient of the Paulding Rotary Club scholarship. Mrs. Cusack also updated the club members on the Paulding Chattahoochee Tech campus and its achievements this past year.
The primary mission of Chattahoochee Tech is workforce development. The goal is to offer students graduating high school training in technical and scientific certifications that will serve them in finding quality employment quickly. Chattahoochee Tech Paulding's flagship program since 2015 has been their Associate of Science in Nursing program. The program continues to grow and continues to build upon its success. Mrs. Cusack thanked the club members for their questions as well as the continued support for the scholarships.

0842 ROT 5 8 2018 2Missy Cusack, John Grant, Charisa Mackey and Stephanie Hubbell