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Paulding Rotary welcomed Jeff and Carrie Davis of Truth in Nature

Jeff Davis, founder, and executive director explained that the program was founded in 2009 to share the love of Christ with young men in single-parent homes. As a young adult, he experienced the divorce of his parents. Carrie, his wife, and co-founder had her father pass away when she was twelve years old in western Pennsylvania. These experiences and their passion for the outdoors fueled God’s calling for them to reach into the local community and work with young men in similar situations.
Truth in Nature is a volunteer program to help young men growing up without a father or in a single-parent environment. Many young men in middle school or high school are growing up in our society without a positive male role model. The strain of being a single parent leaves little time to communicate with and provide that role model which is so desperately needed in these young men's lives. The programs are designed to be fun and exciting experiences, but the primary mission is connecting Godly mentors with young men. The goal is to teach them how to be the young men God created them to be.
Mr. Davis explained that the program works through volunteers. A mentor can volunteer a single weekend or possibly two through the course of a month. This can make a tremendous impact on a young man's life. The activities that the mentors and these young men participate in our things like hiking, fishing, archery, and hunting. Generally, these are overnight outings consisting of a meal followed by testimony and then the activity of the next day.
Since the beginning doors have been opened enabling this program to continue and expand. In closing, Mr. Davis answered some question from club members and updated everyone on the progress from his last visit. Ford Thigpen and Art Ragsdale presented him with a $1,000 donation from the club.

To help through donation and/or support please contact through the website www.truthinnature.org or call 404-374-4228.Truth inNature800