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Paulding Rotary receives an update on Richland Creek Reservoir Project

Untitled 1The Paulding County Rotary Club welcomed Laurie Ashmore, Director of the Paulding County Water System to the June 11th meeting. Mrs. Ashmore gave a thorough presentation and an update on the status of the Richland Creek Reservoir project.
The Richland Creek Reservoir is a critical infrastructure element for Paulding County. The reservoir project is a 20-year effort to ensure safe, sustainable drinking water for now and into the foreseeable future. This project is the largest county undertaking in its history.
Paulding County has retained an experienced team of consultants and contractors who will handle planning, design, construction, architecture, landscaping and more. As the program unfolds, different consultants and contractors will be secured to assist with the development of the Richland Creek Water Supply Program elements. Paulding County directs overall decision-making.
Earlier in the year, excessive rain led to some flooding which caused some construction delays for the project' s pump stations and raw water intake treatment plant. However, these delays have been overcome and the project is still on track for completion in 2020.
The raw water pipeline (Highway 61 leg) is now complete along with the public station and electrical building. The water treatment plant should be completed in July of this year followed by the dam' s completion in August. If all goes as scheduled at the Etowah River pump station will come online this October followed by the finished water pipeline/BPS in September. County officials and engineers expect to begin water intake late this year. The reservoir will have 305 acres for holding water (3.4 billion gallons) and maintain 150-foot buffer around the reservoir. In long-term savings, the county expects to save over $100 million and secure its own independent water supply.ROT 6 11 2019 4 800