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Paulding Rotary welcomes Rita Norris of CareLink NW GA

New president Jackie Crum welcomed members for our July 16th meeting. Member Doug LaRoss introduced guest speaker Rita Norris current CareLink Board of Directors Chair. Ms. Norris, who brings years of experience with community service programs, has been involved with CareLink for three years and is held the chair for the past year and a half.
Ms. Norris thanked the club members for the opportunity to speak on behalf of CareLink of Northwest Georgia. CareLink serves as a community health, dental and wellness clinic providing low-cost and high-quality medical support care and resources to the residents of Paulding County. CareLink is a 501(c)(3) organization and is committed to addressing access to care barriers while promoting healthy lifestyles through education and prevention. Services include primary care, behavioral health, care coordination, and educational programs.
The wealth our health system has made a major investment in CareLink by providing resources to renovate a medical office building in Dallas including significant funding. CareLink is a separate entity from well*and operates two half days a week with a 100% volunteer staff.ROT 7 16 19 2Recently the percentage of uninsured persons in our County has decreased. However, with the growth of our County, the number of uninsured residents between the ages of 18 and 65 has risen to 19,000 in the past year. With partners like well*CareLink can help increase the delivery of preventative, primary care while reducing the number of patients rely on the Paulding Hospital emergency department for nonemergency needs.
CareLink's focus for 2019 is to stabilize their primary care practice and continue to grow it to better serve County residents. Plans for the future include offering dental services, thanks to the support of Dr. Jack Bickford and board member Frank Phillips the CareLink facility has received a donation of dental equipment and furnishings. Paulding's CareLink is continuing to grow, though it is tempered by the need to achieve financial stability. It is imperative to CareLink's administration that the growth in the care provided to the community be sustainable.
CareLink of Northwest Georgia Inc.
625 West Memorial Dr., Dallas, GA phone: 678-903-5103
Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 AM until 12noon