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Paulding Rotary welcomes Linda Vercharen

January 14th, 2020, Rotary Club member Brett Reece welcomed and introduced Linda Vercharen the director of the Family Alliance of Paulding, a nonprofit group dedicated to the local community through vital social services. They provide opportunities for individuals and families to grow and recover through education and advocacy. Best known for providing supervised visitation for foster children and their families.
Mrs. Vercharen thanked the club for the invitation as well as the continued support shown over the years. Having been a guest of the Rotary Club before most were familiar with The Family Alliance and its purpose in our community. Mrs. Vercharen gave everyone an update as far as the current needs of the organization and the progress being made in the community. Mrs. Vercharen reminded everyone that May of this year will be the 15th Anniversary. Family Alliance has provided 3500 to 3700 hours of visitation this past year alone. In the efforts to achieve a drug-free Paulding County the Youth Council now has a representative from every middle and high school in Paulding County. One year since receiving Federal grant for drug prevention, the Alliance is focusing on prescription drug abuse, marijuana, and underage drinking. Additionally, The Family Alliance is making progress by following a community-focused approach that keeps the family centralized and focuses its resources on the early stages of addiction were prevention is most likely to succeed.
Mrs. Vercharen answered questions and once again thank the club members for all their support. Also, she reminded members of the upcoming fundraising events for the family alliance of Paulding, one being a Valentine's Day event on February 14th.

linda ROT 20 1 14Brett Reece, Linda Vercharen, and Jackie Crum