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The Rotary Club meeting for March 8th 2016 was called order by Pres. Brian Stover who addressed business and upcoming activities scheduled for the Rotary Club. The floor was handed over to Ford Thigpen who addressed this anniversary meeting of the Paulding County Rotary Club. It was on March 7th in 1969 that the Paulding Rotary was established. Mr. Thigpen welcomed our guests Maxine White, Carol Thigpen and members of the Hardy family including Jeanette Hardy. Mr. Thigpen went on to discuss briefly the establishment and anniversary of  Rotary International with its foundation in 1907 and the four main principles directing it.
The floor was then passed to Rotary member Chris Batchelor who expounded upon the tenets of the RotaryFoundation. Since the beginning of the Rotary Foundation,its primary purpose and vision has been the promotion of peace, fighting disease, providing clean water and saving mothers and children. To promote peace the Rotary provides up to 100 fellowships and scholarships to try and prevent conflict while providing long-term support to build peace and conflicted regions. Most notably,  Rotary International has devoted itself to the eradication of polio. Once a pervasive and crippling disease is now all but eradicated. Rotary along with its partners is now focused on HIV/AIDS and malaria. One of the foremost concerns in the Third World countries is clean water,.At least 2.5 billion people lack access to clean water; this causes the death of at least 3000 children each day from disease related to unsanitary conditions. Mothers and children around the world suffer from malnutrition, poor healthcare and inadequate sanitation. At least 7 million children under the age of five die each year for these reasons.  Rotary International provides projects empowering local communities relief and healthcare training programs.
Mr. Batchelor went on to discuss the Paulding Rotary club and its impact on local community. Over the 47 years it has been in operation in this county they have raised over $1 million and has returned that money back into this local community. Funding nonprofit groups that provide for needs here inside Paulding County the Rotary Club has made a significant impact on our local community. Additionally scholarships, books for local libraries and other civic and community resources have been provided through the Paulding County Rotary Club.
Today Maxine White and Jeanette Hardy accepted awards from the Rotary Club for their contributions to the club in support of its mission. Jeanette Hardy accepted the award on behalf of her husband Charles Hardy with her family members in attendance. The Hardy family has supported the Paulding Rotary Club directly in providing resources for the Rotary club to establish and maintain its good works inside the county as well as corporate sponsorship through all of the local Rotary Club's fundraising events. Maxine White has worked along side her husband Griffin White, who is a long time Rotarian, on many Rotary projects such as the Paulding Meadows BBQ booth, Fairs, hosting Rotary Social functions, Scrapbook parties and many other things.

Top picture L to R: Jeanette Hardy, Brian Stover, Maxine White
Middle picture: Hardy Family with Jeanette Hardy(center)
Last picture L to R: Griffin White, Maxine White