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rotary 29 600The meeting was called order by Pres. Brian Stover. Once the immediate business and the calendar was discussed , the floor was then handed over to Jason Ragsdale. Mr. Ragsdale introduced our guest speaker for this week, Mr. David Austin. Mr. Austin is a two-time post commission chairman who is finishing his second term. In taking the podium Mr. Austin recognized several of the Rotary Club members, as friends he has known for many years.
Mr. Austin shared with the group a status of Paulding County with regards to many of the more public local news issues. Our bond rating is now Double A-1 and can only advance one more rating to AAA. AAA is the highest rating. Better ratings for the county mean lower interest rates and money savings for the county. Mr. Austin discussed briefly the status of Airport, in that the future resides in the hands of the courts and the FAA. The recent environmental study for the airport on this reported no significant impact. Mr. Austin then returned to the topic of the Paulding WellStar Hospital, which has been a great success story for Paulding County. He related news that an expansion of the hospital was in the works. Mr. Austin related that the county was in good shape financially and poised to move forward. He also related to warning to select carefully and wisely who we elect to safeguard the county's interests. In conclusion Mr. Austin introduced his guest Mr. Kelly Comstock. Mr. Comstock and related the status of the Richland Creek Reservoir.
Mr. Comstock of Brown and Caldwell made a very informative presentation with regards to the reservoir. This project would eventually bring Paulding County into its own source of water. As it stands right now, Paulding County purchases its water. Given the growth inside Paulding County the state of Georgia recognizes the need for Paulding County to continue with this project and assume control over its own destiny with regards to water. For more information about the Richland Creek Reservoir please view the separate article which should provide much more information and resource links about this project.

Pictured L to R: Kelly Comstock, Brian Stover, David Austin