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Giving Financial Gifts

How can it already be December?! The holidays are such a special time, but they also bring a lot of added activities and responsibilities. Now, I will be the first to admit that the two people in my family who shoulder most of the burden of making the season magical are my wife and my mother. They plan the meals, coordinate the party schedules, purchase and wrap the presents, and take the lead in turning their homes into showplaces. I’d like to thank them for all that they do to make every Christmas magical.
Have you given thought into gifts for your family members? One of the ways we can impact future generations is to help them learn how to manage their finances. One suggestion I have is to consider opening an account for your children or grandchildren. Think about giving them the gift of a savings account. You could start a savings account for them and then make small deposits on holidays and birthdays. What a gift to be able to help them prepare for their own future!
Another popular gift item and one I know is often requested, even by my own children is gift cards. Gift cards do generally seem like a safe gift to give, but you do have to be careful because most gift cards are like currency. If they are lost or stolen, there is no way to reclaim the value of that card. I am not saying they are a poor gift choice, I just want you to be cautious if you are sending one via the mail or if you receive one yourself. Keep it safe so that you can use it when you are ready.
If you dread going to a shopping mall or really anywhere that you have to wait in line, get creative on how you shop. Did you know that you can purchase VISA gift cards inside either one of our Westside Bank locations? The VISA gift cards that we offer are available in any amount from $10 to $1000. Unlike traditional gift cards, they are also able to be registered online so that they can be replaced if lost or stolen. This makes them a wise choice if you are wanting to give something to family members, co-workers, friends or employees.
No matter what your shopping style or how long your list is, I hope you are able to slow down and enjoy the true meaning of the holiday season. Christmas is a time to spend with your families and loved ones and reflect on the things that really matter. We at Westside Bank are thankful for the community we live in and look forward to continuing to be a part of making Paulding County the best it can be. Merry Christmas!
Ford Thigpen is President & CEO of Westside Bank in Hiram, GA. 770-445-1855westside xmas 2018 600x800