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With a population in excess of 150,000, Paulding County is able to sustain two (2) Rotary Clubs: Dallas Rotary Club AND Rotary Club of Paulding County.
The Dallas Rotary Club is the newer of the clubs. It was established in 2003 and has 17 active members. This club currently has its regular meetings on Thursday mornings at Audrey’s Cafe. Please check Facebook for schedule.
The Paulding County Rotary Club, the first Rotary Club in Paulding County, was chartered in 1969. It has approximately 42 active members and meets regularly.
Although the clubs are different from one another, the common mission is the same – SERVICE TO COMMUNITY. We invite you to visit each club to determine which is the best fit for you. Please see each club on Facebook for current meeting schedule. FOUR WAY TEST: Of all the things we think, say or do…. Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Rotary Clubs of Paulding County Georgia
The Rotary Club of Dallas and the Paulding Rotary Club.

BG club 600x314 2bA very excited Ms. Jones took the podium to give an update for the Paulding Boys and Girls Club. Ms. Jones was very excited about their current progress working with the youth after school. The Boys and Girls Club goals are to inspire and empower youth to reach their full potential. She was quick to dispel the idea that the Boys and Girls Club was a place for children to stagnate after school. She shared their plans to educate, expose, and expand these young children with the afterschool programs that are currently available.

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Court Program 600x314 2bThe Parental Accountability Court Program seeks to remove the underlying issues that cause noncustodial parents to become chronic non-payers of child support. Through judicial oversight, the program assists to transition non-custodial parents with barriers to self-sufficiency through parent accountability, employment, and education.

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otott 600x314 2bDr. Brian Otott update members on the status and plans for the Paulding school system. Dr. Otott marked the growth of the Paulding school system as well as the research and planning to keep up with that growth. In addition to quantity, Dr. Otott also spoke of the programs, opportunities, and grants that are being applied to our school system.

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4 HClub 600x314 2bFord Thigpen, President of the Paulding Rotary Club welcomed Mary Carol Sheffield of the UGA Extension Office. The Rotary Club acknowledges the positive impact and effort that the 4-H Club brings to students in our County's school system. Mr. Thigpen presented a check for $1000 to Mrs. Sheffield as a donation on behalf of the Paulding Rotary Club.

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mentor 600x314 2bPaulding County Rotary Club president, Ford Thigpen welcomed guests from East Paulding High School. In addition to our club members, we were joined by East Paulding's Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Brad Thomason, Head Coach Billy Shackelford, and Community Coach Bill Driskell. Coach Driskell explained the mentoring program for East Paulding.

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pigskin 600x314 2bThis year the 7th Annual Pigskin Preview took place at the Dallas Civic Center in Downtown Dallas. Organized by the Paulding County Rotary Club, Club President Ford Thigpen greeted everyone. Following the provided lunch Mr. Thigpen thanked them for their continued support and participation in this event. He expressed what a privilege and honor it was for the Rotary club to participate in this event annually with our high schools.

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RYLA 600x314 2bThe Paulding County Rotary Club welcomed this year's participants in the RYLA program. RYLA is a Rotary program that offers leadership skills and training to youth. This year's participants were Callie Benson, Addie Thigpen, and Marion Plumley. All of the participants shared their experiences with the club and all agreed that it was a worthwhile program.

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