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With a population in excess of 150,000, Paulding County is able to sustain two (2) Rotary Clubs: Dallas Rotary Club AND Rotary Club of Paulding County.
The Dallas Rotary Club is the newer of the clubs. It was established in 2003 and has 17 active members. This club currently has its regular meetings on Thursday mornings at Audrey’s Cafe. Please check Facebook for schedule.
The Paulding County Rotary Club, the first Rotary Club in Paulding County, was chartered in 1969. It has approximately 42 active members and meets regularly.
Although the clubs are different from one another, the common mission is the same – SERVICE TO COMMUNITY. We invite you to visit each club to determine which is the best fit for you. Please see each club on Facebook for current meeting schedule. FOUR WAY TEST: Of all the things we think, say or do…. Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Rotary Clubs of Paulding County Georgia
The Rotary Club of Dallas and the Paulding Rotary Club.

Rotary bruce 600x314The Paulding County Rotary welcomed Robby Bruce and Bobby Cox from the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Dept. Robby Bruce has coordinated with many club members about organizing events in and around Dallas, including the Annual Invitational Christmas Parade. Mr. Bruce thank the club for the opportunity to speak about the new and exciting things taking place in the City of Dallas.

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reese 600x314The South Cobb Rotary named Rhonda Reece as its Citizen of the Year at their monthly luncheon on Thursday, October 24, 2019. Rhonda serves as a Vice President at Westside Bank, working out of its Mableton Branch. Rhonda was selected for this honor in recognition of her extensive leadership and continued devotion to her local community.

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holden 600x314The Paulding County Rotary Club welcomed Deidre Holden Supervisor of Elections & Voter Registration for Paulding County. Mrs. Holden gave a thorough explanation of the current advancements taking place to accommodate voters here in Paulding County. Mrs. Holden outlined proposed precinct changes for 2019 to accommodate the substantial growth of the county's voting population. Complaints of long lines and waiting periods in our voting process have resulted in the proposed expansion from our 12 current polling locations to a newly recommended 17 locations.

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Pigskin Preview600x314The 8th Annual Pigskin Preview took place at the Dallas Civic Center in Downtown Dallas, organized by the Paulding County Rotary Club. This year guests were greeted by Paulding County High School drum majors and varsity football cheerleaders, along with their principal, Craig Wilcox. Guests also enjoyed a Hamburger and Hot dog lunch grilled and prepared by the Paulding Rotary Club members. A new record number of community and county representatives gathered to take part in this year’s event.

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scholarship 600x314bMissy Cusack of Chattahoochee Technical College and fellow Rotarian introduced 2 of 4 students Julie Mullenix and Rich Omari who are Rotary scholarship recipients and are attending Chattahoochee Technical College. The Paulding Rotary Club gladly continues to provide scholarship assistance to local students furthering their education.

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carelink DNE Rotary 600x314Member Doug LaRoss introduced guest speaker Rita Norris current CareLink Board of Directors Chair. Ms. Norris, who brings years of experience with community service programs, has been involved with CareLink for three years and is held the chair for the past year and a half. CareLink serves as a community health, dental and wellness clinic providing low-cost and high-quality medical support care and resources to the residents of Paulding County. CareLink is a 501(c)(3) organization and is committed to addressing access to care barriers while promoting healthy lifestyles through education and prevention.

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richland b 600x314The Paulding County Rotary Club welcomed Laurie Ashmore, Director of the Paulding County Water System to the June 11th meeting. Mrs. Ashmore gave a thorough presentation and an update on the status of the Richland Creek Reservoir project. The Richland Creek Reservoir is a critical infrastructure element for Paulding County. The reservoir project is a 20-year effort to ensure safe, sustainable drinking water for now and into the foreseeable future. This project is the largest county undertaking in its history.

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Truth NatureRotary 600x314Truth in Nature is a volunteer program to help young men growing up without a father or in a single-parent environment. Many young men in middle school or high school are growing up in our society without a positive male role model. The strain of being a single parent leaves little time to communicate with and provide that role model which is so desperately needed in these young men's lives.

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FAA 600x314 2bMark Caffery member of the Paulding Rotary welcomed guest speaker, Ricky Flores of the FAA, to speak on behalf of the Aviation Career Education Academy program coming to the Paulding County Airport. Mr. Flores spoke highly of the career opportunities available in the aviation industry. He was also very optimistic about the value of these jobs moving forward.

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